A Quick Guide to an Investment Banker Career


Want to be an investment banker? There are many things to consider before choosing this career. You should know the salary, bonus structure, and life expectancy. Here’s a quick guide to becoming an investment banker. Also, be sure to read about the skills that are necessary to become an investment banker. This career is full of variety and rewards. It is a demanding career with a high salary, but you’ll find it rewarding.

Skills needed for investment banker career

Interested in an investment banking career? If so, here are three key skills you need to succeed in this field. First, you need to be comfortable speaking to people, both inside and outside your team. Furthermore, you should be willing to go the extra mile to show employers that you’re interested in full-time employment. The company and team will be more satisfied with someone who’s passionate about their work. To learn more about the specific skills you’ll need to excel in this career, read on.

Another important skill is intellectual capability. Investment bankers need to be quick thinkers. They need to be able to analyze complex problems. This ability will be essential when they’re assessing business ideas and coming up with creative solutions. Knowledge of unfamiliar investments is essential, and those who possess these skills are more likely to land deals. Then, there are a number of other essential skills that you’ll need to succeed in this field.



The pay scale for an investment banker career is relatively high. However, the hours you work can be extremely unsocial, and the workload can exceed 100 hours a week during peak periods. Most investment banks are committed to attracting diverse candidates, and many have internal support networks for under-represented groups. You may spend a significant portion of your career working abroad, which means you should be prepared to travel a lot. Because the investment banking industry is so closely tied to the economy, there are no guarantees when it comes to the availability of jobs.

The salary for an investment banker in London can range from PS72,000 to PS93,000 at 22 years of age. As you get older, you can expect to earn more, as your base salary increases to PS294,000 and PS380,000. Upon reaching thirty-five and forty, you can expect to earn up to PS1.1 million. Moreover, if you want to work in a boutique investment bank, you may expect a higher salary than you would at a large financial institution.

Bonus structure

The bonus structure for investment bankers varies widely, depending on the role. Analysts and Associates start in the calendar year and are eligible for stub bonuses, which are usually a small percentage of their base salary, but can reach 50% or higher in some firms. If you are an analyst, your bonus is likely to be the same as the bonuses of other analysts, which is a good sign. Investment banks have long set aside a percentage of their revenue for employee compensation, and it is in your best interest to get into the industry group that is doing well.

Bonus structures for investment banking are based on performance. While the highest salaries for investment bankers are awarded to top performers, they are rarely awarded to entry-level employees. Those who perform exceptionally well may receive double their base salary in bonus payouts. An example of this is the bonus structure for second-year associates in New York. A bank that awards a 100% year-end bonus would give the associate a $200k year-end bonus. With the ability to earn more, a second-year associate could receive a total of $400k. This is roughly equivalent to half a million dollars.


Life expectancy

While investment bankers are not likely to live in poverty as long as most other professions, the grueling work schedule and high workload can make them feel isolated. While this career is highly competitive, it can offer decent promotion opportunities and the chance to quickly climb the corporate ladder. If you invest wisely, you can retire at a young age, without the worry of running out of money. A bachelor’s degree is required to become an investment banker.

As an investment banker, you will work 60 to 80 hours a week. The first two years are the most difficult. If you are unable to find a balance between work and your personal life, this job will not be for you. Fortunately, the hours become less intense as you advance up the ranks. Once you have developed the skills and abilities to manage your time, you can expect to work about 60 to 80 hours a week.

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