Finding Part Time Jobs in Finance With Competitive Pay and Flexible Schedules

Are you looking for part-time finance jobs that offer competitive pay and flexible schedules? Here are several options. You can look for part-time jobs in finance online, on Guardian Jobs, or in your local newspaper. Below is a list of resources for part-time finance jobs. Regardless of the location, you can expect a competitive salary and competitive benefits. To find the right part-time finance job for you, consider these tips.

Work-from-home jobs in finance

More people are turning to telecommuting jobs as a way to achieve work-life balance. The growing popularity of telecommuting has made many industries ripe for the work-from-home revolution. Telecommuting financial experts will play an increasingly important role in the economy. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this need will increase dramatically over the next decade. A growing number of companies are offering telecommuting opportunities for their financial experts.

Transcriptionists should have a fast typing speed, experience with word processing in a professional environment, and fluency in English. Financial companies do not discriminate based on their country of origin; they are hiring from anywhere in the world. To find a finance job from home, check out a website that specializes in these types of work. These companies often have flexible hours and pay. The biggest benefit of these positions is the autonomy they offer.


You may also consider a work-at-home position with the United States’ largest financial institution. As one of the oldest financial institutions in the country, Citizens Bank has an impressive range of work-from-home opportunities, including jobs related to finance, mortgages, marketing, and IT. The bank’s global presence means that there are plenty of opportunities to work from home, no matter where you live. You might even be able to work at home on weekends or on holidays if you are a skilled photographer.

Flexible schedules

The growing popularity of flexible schedules for part time jobs in finance is a great way to get a full-time job without putting in all the extra hours. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in 2017, twenty-seven percent of wage and salary employees worked part-time or on a flexible schedule. Fortunately, this number continues to rise. The percentage of full-time employees with flexible schedules increased from 15.1 percent to 27.6 percent in that same period.

Some of the largest companies are now implementing policies that allow employees to work part time and set their own hours. Some companies, such as Omni Interactions, have adopted flexible working policies and are hiring 1099 gig workers for customer service roles. These companies offer part-time hours and team communication software that helps them adapt to changing work schedules. Other companies are hiring a variety of workers for flexible schedules, including tutors, personal trainers, freelance writers, and marketing and design professionals.

Part-time workers can make a difference in their lives. By limiting their work hours, they can spend more time with their children, pursue hobbies, or travel. For single parents, working part-time allows them to arrange childcare for their children and still have a full-time job. Some companies even give part-time employees the option to split their time between two jobs. However, it’s important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of part-time work.

Competitive pay

Competitive pay for part time jobs in finance refers to a person’s overall compensation package, not just their salary. Usually, this means that the salary is similar to other jobs with the same title in the same area, or at least on par with that average. As an example, a sales manager in New York City makes around $100,000 per year. So, if the job description says “competitive pay” for part time jobs in finance, that means that the salary for such a position will be around $100,000 or more.

When evaluating competitive pay, consider the industries in which you are interested. Some industries will pay more than others, but they will compete to attract top talent. In order to find the best paying industry for your skill set, apply for the same position in several industries. If your goal is to make more than $20 per hour, research what the median pay is for similar positions. You can also check out different companies within the best paying industry to see if the pay is comparable.

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